2018 Auckland Backgammon Championship

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Grant Hoffman (Nelson)                 1st Place Paul Kellett (Auckland)                   2nd Place Richard Theunissen (Auckland)    3rd Place Jo Hodder (Auckland)                     Consolation Prize A grueling Semi-Final & Final Match. The Auckland Players almost took down Grant….but in the end he was able to bring home the victory and take the Auckland Title & Trophy …


The ABF is Incorporated in NSW and operates under the Department of Fair Trading Model constitution as a not-for-profit organisation.

Dear Backgammoners,

The Board would like to acknowledge all the people that had the vision and made the effort to set this organisation up.

We at the ABF are very passionate about backgammon. Our aim is to unify backgammon players across the country and bring everyone together by working closely with each backgammon club to ensure the growth of the game in all its facets. The ABF will always be open and accountable to all of it’s members as it is the members that will make this possible. As passionate backgammon players we want nothing more than to see a fair and sustainable organisation taking charge to promote backgammon throughout Australia.

Some of the goals we have set are:

To work with all clubs and Tournament Directors throughout Australia to promote and expand backgammon.
To teach a new generation to love our game.
To collaborate with other backgammon federations around the world on such things as rules, sponsorship and tournaments.
To hold an annual general meeting to allow members to judge how we’re doing and to elect the board and committees for the following year.

I hope you will join us on this journey by becoming a member and having your say in the growth of the game we all love. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Board of Directors
Eva Bitel AM (President)
John Symon(Vice President, Treasurer & Public Officer)
Gemma Purves (Secretary and Media Advisor)
Simon Woodhead
Greg Ash
Taeed Athari
Michael Dyett