P 40 Phil Simborg Australian International Invitational

Save the Date:  The P40/Simborg Aussie Invitational
WHEN:  January 20-27th, 2019
WHERE:  Melbourne, Australia
WHAT:  A week of chouettes, PaskoGammon, Tennis, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Table Tennis and a 2-day High Roller tournament on the 23rd and 24th.
MAIN EVENT:  P40/Simborg Aussie Invitational:  $A5,000 (about $3750 US) entry fee.  Winner will receive at least half the prize pool which will make this one of the larger payouts in the world.   There will be chouettes of all levels, night and day, at a private home available to all participants.
WHO:  Your hosts will be Phil Simborg and a highly professional staff, and Ralph Burd will handle local organization and lend his beautiful home for chouettes and special events.
ALSO:  The Aussie Millions Poker main event runs from January 15th and finishes February 4th and our main event will not conflict with the main poker events.
ALSO:  The Australian Open Tennis is going on at the same time and we can get you tickets to any session you like.  The finals will be on the 27th and we will have a special viewing and backgammon party.
ALSO:  If you want to stay and sightsee and continue playing backgammon, we will host a Superbowl party on February 4th (February 3rd in the US) along with more backgammon at Ralph’s.
FEES:  An administrative fee will be charged to cover hospitality, expenses, and special prizes, but there will be no rake from the entry fees.  The tournament organizer will make NO MONEY on this event.  All fees will go to cover expenses such as venue hire, tables, chairs, staff, etc.
SPONSORSHIP:  P40 Boards is sponsoring the event and will provide two very customized boards to go to the winners.  There will be a dozen other P40 boards to play on that can be purchased or we will run special side events for the boards.
MORE FUN:  There will be side pools, buy-backs (depending on the number of entrants), streaming and recording for those who want it, and plenty of time to sightsee and enjoy other activities.  And of course, chouettes and interlocking chouettes for all interested.
EVEN MORE FUN AND LODGING:   The Crown Casino, host of the Aussie Millions, provides a complete offering of casino games, and we have special prices for rooms for those who want to stay there.  In addition, we have special rates at a lovely, lower-priced hotel nearby.
REGISTRATION:  This is an invitational tournament and we are closing at 64 entrants.  We already have over 40 who have asked us to save them a spot.  If you would like to preregister and take priority once registration opens on August 27th please email Phil Simborg at pjsimborg@gmail.com.  Phil will then send you more details to confirm your registration. We will also provide you with hotel information and advice on reserving tennis tickets.
PRIVATE EVENT:  This is a private, invitational only event.  Our goal is to make this the most fun week of backgammon you will ever have, and this will happen because of a fantastic venue, great staff, and great people in attendance.
SOUTH PACIFIC BACKGAMMON COMMUNITY:  We invite the entire South Pacific backgammon community to participate with us.  Ralph Burd will be back in Australia August 3rd and would love to talk with all interested in supporting and/or participating.  Please email Ralph at ralphburd@me.com.



Phil and Ralph

Angie Harbour Memorial Tournament (South Australia)

The 2018 Angie Hambour Memorial Double Elimination Tournament took place on July 22nd in Adelaide.
This event is named in memory of Angie Hambour, one of our founding committee members back in 1977.

The log fire in the historic Metropolitan Hotel set the theme for an excellent day of backgammon starting at a chilly 8 am and the last player leaving at 7 pm.

We had a field of 16, and by mutual consent there were 16 buybacks offered into the first round. All 16 were taken up. The snag was that the buyback matches were to 5 points only. Five point matches have a way of producing tales of woe about leading 4-1 and losing.  Second round matches reverted back to the standard 9 point matches. Being a double elimination tournament meant that with the buyback option players had 3 lives. The prize pool was a respectable $1500

The only player to make it through unbeaten despite his tough draw was Saeed Nourmohammadi, defeating Jack Clark, Nick Papadopoulos, Hossein Haydari, Siegfried Pohlenz, Angelo Ali and Jim Piliouras in the grand final.
Jim fought hard to get to the grand final. With the buy back and the double elimination, he needed 9 matches to reach it, whereas Saeed only needed 5 matches.

Jim needed to win the next two matches against Saeed. It started well for him, winning the first 11-6, but he fell at the last hurdle, losing 12-0.

The scores, as it so often happens, didn’t tell the whole story.

Congratulations to the defending champion, Saeed Nourmohammadi for a very impressive effort, and also to Jim for his fine fighting effort.

The Consolation Tournament final was fought out between Jack Clark (so close again), and Shane McNally the winner.



2018 NSW Open Backgammon Championship

This year’s NSW open was run, for the first time, by the Sydney Backgammoners at the North Ryde RSL….and a great day was had by all !!

33 players including two from Victoria, one from South Australia, and several players from Newcastle  sat down to play in a modified Swiss tournament , which would have guaranteed all players five 7-point matches if ALL players had stayed until the end .…

14 of those players entered the optional value-added bonus pool with the total value of the “pot” going to the participating player who finished highest up the ladder at the end of the day – even if that player was not the overall tournament winner.

Play started on time at 9.30 and there were no matches that went over time. Gary’s devotion to trialling various time periods paid off and no players were penalised for exceeding the time limit OR for arriving late for their games – well done all .

After two matches we broke for lunch, resuming at 1.45 for the remaining 3 matches.

Martin Sagradian was the ultimate tournament winner with 521 points, claiming the both the $900 prize AND the $1400 bonus pool

Peter Brown , with 416 points, took 2ndplace .

George Avramides, in 3rd was very close behind with 414 points.

John Symon took 4th spot with 411 points .

Congratulations to all our winners , and indeed to all who took part .

A big “thank you” to Gary Stavrou for co-ordinating a very successful and enjoyable day .

The excellent facilities at the North Ryde RSL allowed the
match results to be constantly displayed on a large screen.

Winner, Martin Sagradian and 2nd Place, Peter Brown

and 3rd place, George Avramides.

The full final rankings are below but do not include any players who left early.


Sagradian Martin 521
Brown Peter 416
Avramides George 414
Symon John 411
Catusanu Edmond 408
Barnett Paul 404
Naderi Abbas 309
Reitzin David 308
Disney Robert 306
Shalala Habib 306
Macor Gerhardt 305
Jedrychowski Richard 304
Walker Tony 304
Dyett Mick 299
Dunstan Ian 299
Wakelin Carol 295
Shaked Ron 203
Bean Jim 201
Khorsandi Mehrdad 199
Haydari Hossein 196
Demehri Jamshid 195
Bitel Eva 195
Athari Taeed 194
Khorsandi Foad 193
Nejati Mohammad 192
Spillekom Jan 191
Taubman Michelle 89
Demehri Faraz 89
Li Simon Shui 72