2018 Newcastle Open

The 2018 Newcastle Open will be held on Sunday September 16th at the Charlestown Bowling Club, Lincoln St, Charlestown.

Registration from 9:20am., Draw at 9.50am.

NB: All details dependant on final number of players.

The 2018 Newcastle Open will be conducted under the following system,

Qualifying rounds: Round Robins. Up to 8 groups.
Three and four player groups 7 point matches. Five and over player groups 5 point matches.
All round robin winners qualify for the Final rounds.
1 point for a win. Tiebreakers: points SCORED, points AGAINST, head to head.

Main Tournament Final Rounds: Up to 8 player knockout. 7-7-9 points
Consolation Tournament: 3 point knockout for ALL players not qualifying for the Final Knockout. Players will be ranked on qualifying finishes with byes allocated, as required, to highest placed players.

Entry fees: $35 basic entry.
Financial Newcastle Backgammon Club Members (as of 30/6/18) $30.
NBC will contribute $5 per financial member to Member’s entries.**
Bonus Pool: $20 (not compulsory).

Prize Money: Total prize pool for the Main Tournament = Total Number of Players x 30.
Total prize pool for the Consolation Tournament = Total Number of Players x 5
Prize money paid Main: 1st-4th, Consolation 1st-2nd. Trophies: Main 1st-2nd and Consolation winner.

Bonus Pool: The Bonus pool will be won by the highest finishing member of the Pool in the Main Bracket.
The Pool will be shared amongst those finishing at the same level if both the Winner and second in the tournament are not members of the Pool.
It will revert to players in the Consolation Tournament if none of the 8 players in the Main are members of the Bonus Pool.

All games to be played in the tournament room, no exceptions.

To Enter: Email – Robert Disney at: rwdiz@newcastlebackgammon.org with subject of Newcastle Open
Phone Enquiries- (+61 2) 49469222 OR 0410494692
All payments to be made on the day.
Please notify any cancellations ASAP.

Lunches will be available through the Bistro on the club premises.
**Value added amount mentioned made available from Newcastle Backgammon Club reserves.

NB: Charlestown Bowling Club is not train friendly. Best travel option is by car.
The entrance to the CBC car park is off Ferris Street but MUST be approached from the Bowling Club side of Ferris Street. If you approach from the football oval side you have to drive around the block to get to the other side.
If coming from the north, through Charlestown on the highway, turn at the lights at the end of the football oval onto Lincoln Street and bear right onto Ferris towards Charlestown Square. If approaching from the south on the highway, Lincoln St is on your left between the Rotary Park and the football oval.
If approaching from the back of Charlestown Square, which is Canberra St but turns into Patricia Avenue at the back of the Bowling Club, turn off Patricia onto Lincoln at the roundabout, go past the CBC main entrance and turn left onto Ferris towards Charlestown Square.
The parking lot entrance is about 30m from the turn.
Anyone that is willing to make the trip by train would have to alight at Cardiff station and bus/cab to Charlestown (6km trip) but beware of the 10am start.

2018 NSW Open Backgammon Championship

This year’s NSW open was run, for the first time, by the Sydney Backgammoners at the North Ryde RSL….and a great day was had by all !!

33 players including two from Victoria and several players from Newcastle  sat down to play in a modified Swiss tournament , which would have guaranteed all players five 7-point matches if ALL players had stayed until the end .…

14 of those players entered the optional value-added bonus pool with the total value of the “pot” going to the participating player who finished highest up the ladder at the end of the day – even if that player was not the overall tournament winner.

Play started on time at 9.30 and there were no matches that went over time. Gary’s devotion to trialling various time periods paid off and no players were penalised for exceeding the time limit OR for arriving late for their games – well done all .

After two matches we broke for lunch, resuming at 1.45 for the remaining 3 matches.

Martin Sagradian was the ultimate tournament winner with 521 points, claiming the both the $900 prize AND the $1400 bonus pool

Peter Brown , with 416 points, took 2ndplace .

George Avramides, in 3rd was very close behind with 414 points.

John Symon took 4th spot with 411 points .

Congratulations to all our winners , and indeed to all who took part .

A big “thank you” to Gary Stavrou for co-ordinating a very successful and enjoyable day .

The excellent facilities at the North Ryde RSL allowed the
match results to be constantly displayed on a large screen.

Winner, Martin Sagradian and 2nd Place, Peter Brown

and 3rd place, George Avramides.

The full final rankings are below but do not include any players who left early.


Sagradian Martin 521
Brown Peter 416
Avramides George 414
Symon John 411
Catusanu Edmond 408
Barnett Paul 404
Naderi Abbas 309
Reitzin David 308
Disney Robert 306
Shalala Habib 306
Macor Gerhardt 305
Jedrychowski Richard 304
Walker Tony 304
Dyett Mick 299
Dunstan Ian 299
Wakelin Carol 295
Shaked Ron 203
Bean Jim 201
Khorsandi Mehrdad 199
Haydari Hossein 196
Demehri Jamshid 195
Bitel Eva 195
Athari Taeed 194
Khorsandi Foad 193
Nejati Mohammad 192
Spillekom Jan 191
Taubman Michelle 89
Demehri Faraz 89
Li Simon Shui 72

2018 Auckland Backgammon Championship

The Auckland Backgammon Club is sponsoring the 2018 Auckland Backgammon Championship. Open to all Backgammon Players. Expert to Novice.

2018 Auckland Backgammon Championship

Date: October 6, 2018 / October 7, 2018

Place: Taksim Turkish Kitchen & Bar

373 Manukau Rd. Epsom, Auckland

Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry Fee: $ 25.00 NZD

Two days of full on Backgammon.

October 6th Standard Swiss Format. Everyone is guaranteed to play 5 – seven point Matches. The pairings are random in the first Match. Players are not eliminated if they lose the first Match. No Player meets the same opponent twice. Successive rounds match Players with scores as similar to each other as possible. By the 3rd Match Experts are playing Experts, Average are playing Average and Novices are playing Novices.

October 7th Top sixteen (16) Players from the Swiss Format will play Knockout Matches to determine 1st 2nd 3rd places.

Clocks will be used for the final (8) Players in the Knockout Matches.

Melbourne Backgammon News

Melbourne Backgammon Club

Yes – we’re back at last! We need helping hands to run the club.  Looking forward to a booming 2018.

Since you are reading this, you love backgammon like we do, so support the club!

Monthly Knockout Tournament and Chouette

Saturday evening, March 31st.

Details on the club website: www.melbournebackgammonclub.com

Regular Club Meets with tournament and chouette

Join us at the Arcadia Hotel in South Yarra.

Exciting tournament, good food and lots of fun.

Why not join us for dinner at 6.30?

Thursday April 5th and Thursday April 19th 2018

All welcome.

Refer to www.melbournebackgammonclub.com for updates

Persian Rose Doubles Tournament Report

Persian Rose Doubles Tournament Report

The Doubles Tournament was a huge success with every player keen for a repeat.  A big thank you goes to the Tournament Director, Taeed Athari, who was instrumental in making this tournament a reality.

Taeed put together a great tournament and he kindly provided his restaurant, The Persian Rose as the venue. Taeed and I would like to thank Zvi Bendavid for donating the trophies. Zvi has supported many backgammon tournaments by donating the trophies. This enables all entry fees to be returned as prize money.

Additional thanks go to Sharne Dyett who worked tirelessly on the front line making sure everything ran smoothly. Not only did she handle the administration side of things with great expertise, but when a player was short of a partner, she volunteered to enter the tournament to ensure a 16 team event. Having never played in a backgammon tournament before, Sharne rose to the occasion by teaming up with Hussein Haydari.

I would like to thank all the players who attended for supporting such a fun event, especially those who travelled long distances, Grant Hoffman from New Zealand, Simon Uey from Victoria and Hussein Haydari from Canberra.

It was always going to be very tough to win this Tournament due to the calibre of players attending. The first two rounds were nine point matches while the Semi-Finals and Final were 11 point matches. After two rounds we were at the Semi-Finals.

In the first Semi-Final; Gerhardt Macor and Lorenzo Caita-Mandra played Arthur Ramer and Julian Marroquin, while Richard Crawley-Boevey and Martin Sagradian versed Robbie Solomon and Ian Dunstan. Gerhardt and Lorenzo made it through as did Robbie and Ian. As fate would have it, Gerhardt and Ian played in the finals of the 2017 Australian Backgammon Championships, with Ian winning the title. That they met again in the finals of a tough doubles tournament is no accident, they are both very strong players. This time though they both have help. Robbie Solomon, one of the strongest players in Australia and Lorenzo, who may not have as much experience as Robbie, but is just as determined to win the tournament.

The match is a tight one, until Ian and Robbie take the advantage 10-6 Crawford. Gerhardt and Lorenzo win Crawford (making the score 10-7), and then Gerhardt gives an automatic double in the next game. Gerhardt plays for a blitz and it succeeds. Match and Championship win to Gerhardt and Lorenzo. Congratulations to both teams for getting to the finals and putting on a great show, not just in the finals but on the road to getting there.

The thing which is so interesting about a consulting Doubles Tournament is being able to hear the thought process of the players as they plan their moves and cube strategies.

We had a $50 knockout with eight players involved. The Final was played between Alex Falon and Simon Uey with Simon taking the win. Congratulations to both.

This Doubles Format proved to be very popular, and it is no surprise that players were making inquiries about organising another one, and we will. After all…we love the game.


Mick Dyett.

Australian Open Results


The Australian Open was held over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of November at the Persian Rose Restaurant, sponsored by the Australian Backgammon Federation(ABF).

The format was a Double Elimination with 27 players competing. Competitors travelled from Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and New Zealand making it a truly representative Australian Open. The 2015 & 2016 defending champ Grant Hoffman from New Zealand travelled in the hope of being the only person to have won three years in a row.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Double Elimination format, a player has to lose twice before they are knocked out of the tournament. The first loss sends them to the losers bracket where they cannot lose another match in order to stay alive. The winner of the losers bracket plays the winner of the undefeated bracket and has to beat that player twice in order to win the whole thing. (Because the winner of the undefeated bracket has not lost his first match at that point).

In the first round of the competition Ian Dunstan lost to Gerhardt Macor, and as fate would dictate these two would meet up again in the finals. Ian won his way through to the finals in the defeated bracket while Gerhardt went through undefeated to the finals in the top bracket. The matches were 11 pointers. Ian eventually won both of these and claimed his third Australian Open title. I watched both these matches and both players gave it their all. Just getting to the finals is a feat in itself. I congratulate both Ian and Gerhardt for putting on a fine and exciting fight in the Quest to become the 2017 Aussie champ.

Special thanks are in order to those that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the event a success. Taeed Athari, an ongoing supporter of Australian Backgammon, generously offered his restaurant free of charge for the competition and donated 10% of all food and drink sales to be added to the prize money.

Thanks to Sharne Roxby and Greg Ash who ran the front desk and ensured the Open ran smoothly. And lastly a very big thanks to the ABF. This organisation is run by volunteers who devote their time and effort to provide an environment where the game may grow and bring joy to those who love it. The ABF donated $100 to the Tournament in the form of two $50 lucky door prizes. Finally, thanks to Zvi Bendavid for donating the trophies for the tournament.

Lastly a big thank you to all participants who supported this event, all the feedback from players was very positive. Everyone had a great time (regardless of the dice gods) and this makes the Tournament a great success. Look forward to seeing you all next year.

The Australian Backgammon Federations’s Australian Open Results

The prize money breakdown is as follows:

27 entrants, $120 entry fee.

Champion: Ian Dunstan

2nd place: Gerhardt Macor

3rd place:  Simon Ustich

4th place: Hossein Haydari Ahwazi

1st prize: $1600

2nd prize: $800

3rd/4th prize: $400 each

Additional bonus prize of $75 donated by Persian Rose Restaurant

Trophies for 1st and 2nd place donated by Zvi Bendavid

Tournament Director: Mick Dyett