Women’s Online World Championship 2022.  Starts 1st May. Triple elimination; 13-point matches. First-ever women’s online championship. AusBGF will pay the entry and membership fees for AusBGF members! Only four Aussie entries so far… Mel, Cindy, Daphne and Gin. Please encourage your backgammon lady friends to have a go! More info here

World Online Speed Championship 2022. Starts 2nd May. Quintuple elimination (5 lives); 7-point matches. Entry 20 euros. Clock: 168 sec and 6 sec delay. More info here

Online Consultation Championship 2022. Starts 1st June. Each team consists of two players. Team entry 60 euros. Triple elimination; 9-point matches Using Heroes in-game video link (both teams). Each player is responsible for proper equipment (camera and microphone). More info here

All require WBIF annual membership of 10 euros. Contact Mel (ausbgf@gmail.com, or Mel Kelf on FB Messenger) if you need help.