What is the BMAB?

The Backgammon Masters Awarding Body (BMAB) is the international organisation that confers Masters and Proficiency titles. https://bgmastersab.com/about

So You Want To Be A Grandmaster?

If you want to become a Backgammon Grandmaster you will have to play below a 4.0 PR. Your Performance Rating (PR) is calculated by what is considered the strongest backgammon analysis program, eXtreme Gammon (XG).

How Is It Measured?

Analysis uses the current version of XG with the following settings:

  • standard ‘World Class’ analysis
  • ‘gigantic’ search interval
  • 15 x 8 bearoff database
  • resignation errors count
What Is XG?

eXtreme Gammon is currently considered to be the strongest backgammon analysis program. It is endorsed by many national federations but perhaps, most importantly, is its use by the BMAB as their preferred analysis engine for the grading of aspirational grandmasters. The program may be found here: www.extremegammon.com.

So if you would like to measure your performance rating by the same parameters as the Grandmasters do, use the BMAB settings and play like hell!

AusBGF BMAB Coordinator Andrejs Liepins