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FREE monthly tournaments

Two monthly tournaments to choose from, or play both!

  • KAKADU – Round Robin Brackets, 6 players per bracket (more if odd number of players), 7 point matches
  • FREYCINET – Double KO (with consolation round), 9 point matches

Open to AusBGF members (membership $15/yr). Kiwis and internationals welcome (must be an AusBGF member).

Default platform is Heroes.

Powered by Warp Gammon

The tournaments will be run via Warp Gammon, with scheduling and reporting handled by a web interface.

After signing up at Warp Gammon, click Profiles/Edit My Profile to set your details and scheduling times. If you need help, contact Mel, or email your available times and Mel will update your scheduling grid.

Click My Page (top left) to see your tournament listing and upcoming matches. You may choose to automatically enter each month.

International participants please note: This is an Australian event and play times must suit Australian resident members.


In accordance with AusBGF Rules and Online Rules (please read).

More information

Contact Mel –

Heroes QuickStart FAQ

Also available at Heroes

Consider Heroes Premium Membership
giving access to great training modules at Backgammon Studio

Warp Gammon
How to Schedule a Match
  1. Click “Schedule” next to your opponent’s name.
  2. Choose a green timeslot (your opponent’s availability).
  3. Click “Please confirm these details”, and submit.
How to Confirm when your Opponent Schedules
  1. Click “Schedule” next to your opponent’s name.
  2. Click “Details for the match are confirmed”, and submit.

If the timeslot your opponent has chosen does not suit you, reschedule yourself and wait for your opponent to confirm.

Refer to Warp Gammon Online Help tab in the Warp Gammon main menu for more help.