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Australian Backgammon Federation

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Australian Backgammon Federation

Australian Backgammon Federation

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Sydney Backgammoners Online Tournament (SBOT) – After 48 weekly tournaments a Grand Champion has emerged. The title goes to Peter Kalyvas. Well done, Peter, and congratulations to anyone who stayed the distance.

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Did You Know…

Bakelite is considered one of the best materials for checkers because it slides well and is very durable. Some players prefer the feel of Bakelite, and old Bakelite Backgammon sets are very collectable.

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Prized Board

Hossein Haydari has a number of backgammon boards, but one of his favourite is this beautiful hand-made Khatam board. Khatam is an ancient Persian technique of inlaying. It is a version of marquetry where art forms are made by decorating the surface of wooden articles with delicate pieces of wood, bone and metal creating precisely-cut intricate geometric patterns. This board is valued at around $700.

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AU vs NZ Finals Begin

After Stage 1 Round 6, Australia leads 117 matches to New Zealand’s 74. The top 16 from each side will now compete in the Stage 2 knock-out. Good luck to all!

Peter Kalyvas vs Tony Meyer
Habib Shalala vs Farid Farnia
Simon Ustick vs Archie Lamont
Tony Walker vs Carl Dell
Mick Dyett vs Peter Ware
Saeed Nourmohammadi vs Malcolm Forsyth
Michelle Taubman vs Simon Clark
Ben Scarf vs Tom Huber
Cindy Belonogoff vs Paul Kellett
Reece McLean vs James Noble
Breck McCormack vs Grant Hoffman
Jim Bean vs Ivo Zarnic
Elsa McNally vs Patrick Davey
David Kinston vs Murray Richards
Melinda Kelf vs Richard Theunissen
Hammon Mans vs Elie Sawma

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