AGM for Australian Backgammon Federation 23rd November, 2019

Venue: Persian Rose Restaurant, Turramrra. 

In the absence of the President and Vice President, John Symon welcomed attendees to the meeting


Simon Woodhead, Carol Wakelin, Ian Dunstan, Taeed Athari, Michael Dyett, John Symon


Eva Bitel, Greg Ash, David Kinston

Minutes of the previous AGM were confirmed and accepet. Nominated by Mick Dyett, seconded Taeed Athari

President’s Report was not available due to the ill health of the President, Eva Bitel

Treasurer’s Report confirmed cash in bank being $4,224.27, and increase of $879.00 on the last year. The treasurer also confirmed the membership numbers as 6 affiliated clubs and 79 individual members

Resignations and Election of office holders:

Eva Bitel resigned from the presidency and the board, Carol Wakelin resigned as secretary, Simon Woodhead resigned from the board but will continue in a technical support role.

Greg Ash was nominated by Simon Woodhead as the New President, and was seconded by John Symon. Greg has accepted.

Ian Dunstan was nominated as Secretary, seconded by Mick Dyett. Ian accepted.

John Symon was nominated as Treasurer and Public officer, seconded by Taeed Athari. John accepted.

Michael Dyett was nominated to the board by Taeed Athari, seconded by John Symon, David Kinston was nominated by Michael Dyett, seconded Carol Wakelin, Taeed Athari was nominated by Michael Dyett, seconded by Ian Dunstan

Changing the venue for the 2020 Australian Open was discussed, and it was decided that Queensland should hold the next Open, and, after the well run and successful running of the  Queensland Open and Masters this year, the 2020 Australian Open will be organised, promoted and run by Simon Woodhead and Steve Roberts

The Future of the Australian Backgammon Federation was the next topic for discussion. Simon Woodhead suggestion that a regular newsletter, monthly or quarterly should be circulated to all members highlighting a national calendar of upcoming events, results from tournaments  and any other information relating to backgammon generally, and in particular the Australian backgammon scene. Simon suggested that Shane McNally should be approached to undertake the newsletter duties. It was also suggested that promoting tournaments will make backgammon more inclusive. Further, Mick Dyett volunteered to contact Grant Hoffman to ask whether syndication of Grants “Position of the Week” via the ABF was an option. Ian Dunstan will approach “Fergus” whether the online doubles tournament software which Fergus uses could be made available to the ABF for a forum to discuss the “positions of the week”

Under the heading of Any Other Business, it was noted that the ABF Facebook Page and associated mail is still being controlled by Gemma Purves and that Eva would ask Gemma to surrender any log-ins and passwords to the ABF. The invitation by Bernhard Mayr on behalf of the WBIF to organise and supervise an Australian involvement was discussed and agreed that at this stage it was not a practical option. John Symon to reply to Bernhard

The meeting was closed at 8.55am.











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