Inaugural Australia vs New Zealand On-Line Challenge

The Australian Backgammon Federation is pleased to announce an (inaugural?) Australia vs NZ Challenge – the conditions of play can be seen by  clicking here on the ABF Events Page. The quick take on this is matches to 9-points on, with 16 round robins comprised of 2 Kiwis plus two Aussie in each bracket, with the round-robin winners going through to a knock out (random draw, with Aussie vs Kiwis to the greatest extent possible in Round 1 of the knockout). This means each Aussie will play one other Aussie and two Kiwis in the round robin, and possibly one other Kiwi in the knockout.

Australian entrants must be current ABF members, and entry will be on a first come first served basis – at least for this first time – if there is excess of interest and we get over 32  then we might need to run a pre-qualifying round (or rounds) the next time.

If you’re talking to someone who isn’t a member, please let them know that if they join now their membership is good through to 30 June 2021 – you still need to be in the first 32

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