The 2020 Novocastrian Challenge

Last Updated Thursday, May 07, 2020 10:29

Welcome to our page for the 2020 Novocastrian Challenge, a 4 player a side round robin tournament pitting the skills of players from Newcastle Backgammon Club, Australia, against players from the North East Backgammon Association (NEBA) based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. This is the first edition of the event and it is hoped that it can become a regular yearly interaction between the Clubs (with more participants) in the future.

Over the next 3-4 weeks Match times, playing platform and results will be posted here as they become available as well as on the Newcastle Backgammon Club’s Page and Public Group on Facebook.
Matches will be played over 9 points on either the Backgammon Galaxy site or the GridGammon site.
There will be a 7 day turnaround for matches.
Round 1 officially running between 00:01 Saturday, April 25th and 23:59 Friday, May 1st Australian Eastern Standard Time.
As there will be 16 games played in total, if the score is 8-8 at the end of the tournament a “Captain’s Tiebreak” will be played over 9 points to decide a winner.

Team NEBA is made up of Martin Barkwill (Capt), Tim Cross, Gary Bratton and Pol Lapidakis.

Team NBC is Robert Disney (Capt), Mick Dyett, Michelle Taubman and Tony Walker.

For those wishing to watch any of the games, you will need an account to the advertised platform (Backgammon Galaxy or GridGammon).
The player’s userids are as follows:

Names & Userids
Name @GridGammon @BackgammonGalaxy Name @GridGammon @BackgammonGalaxy
MICK DYETT beekind2me beekind2me MARTIN BARKWILL Barkers Wackford Squeers
ROBERT DISNEY diz diz TIM CROSS timcrazy lancs
MICHELLE TAUBMAN middishell middishell GARY BRATTON GaryBratton Gazgammon
TONY WALKER Blotter Blotter POL LAPIDAKIS Polidoros1 PolNEBA



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