Backgammon Clubs Around Australia

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Backgammon clubs are a great way to improve your game. Play tournaments, discuss the game, meet new friends, and generally have a great time with fellow backgammon tragics. AusBGF affiliated clubs tournament results are added to the National Ratings.

Start a Club

The Australian Backgammon Federation (AusBGF) encourages individuals to seek out and join one of their local clubs as this is a great way to improve your backgammon skills and meet new friends. If you are in an area that does not have a club, or for any reason are thinking of starting a club, there are a number of things that you need to think about.

Firstly, ask around and find out if there are any like-minded people in your area – realistically a club needs 5-10 regular members plus others that will swing by from time to time. Next, look around for a suitable venue – a pub, club or café may have a room that they will allow you to use. Ideally, the venue will allow you to store some boards on site (saves having to lug boards around with you). You probably can’t rely on people bringing their own boards, so you will need to purchase some boards – they should be around 18” competition boards (for some reason boards are quoted in imperial sizes) and have a robust construction. Next, decide on the frequency of meeting – many Australian clubs meet weekly, but it may suit your players to meet fortnightly or monthly.

If you are thinking or heading in this direction, there is a network of club contacts that the AusBGF maintains that can provide more details and mentoring for new clubs. This network also provides a useful sounding board for existing clubs to share ideas and resources. Please contact us for more information.

Travelling to NZ?

Guests always welcome. Visit the Backgammon NZ website for club locations.