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Upcoming Australian and New Zealand Tournament Dates:


Inaugural Australia vs NZ On Line Challenge

May 15, 2020

The Australian Backgammon Federation is pleased to announce the Inaugural Australia vs New Zealand on line challenge.

Venue: Backgammon Galaxy
Time: Three days to finish the first Match. Two days to finish each additional match.
Players: Open only to Backgammon Players who are living in or domiciled in Australia or New Zealand.

All Kiwi Players must register with AJM.
All Aussie Players must register with Greg.
Full Name
Backgammon Galaxy Name
e-mail address
phone number
city / town of residence

1. All Players must join Backgammon Galaxy
2. All Aussie & NZ Players must be register with either AJM or Greg
3. AJM & Greg will exchange Players Lists.
4. Matches will be 9 Points for the Round Robin &11 Points for the

5. Clocks will be set at NORMAL.
6. Tournament Directors will use a raffle to determine the Players in
the Round Robin Matches.

7. There will be 16 Round Robin Matches.

8. Each Round Robin will comprise of two Aussies & two Kiwis.

9. Each Player in the Round Robin will play 3 Matches. Each Match will be 9 Points.

10. Tournament starts at 12:00 Friday May 15, 2020.

11. Players will have three days to finish the first Match.

12. Players will have two days to finish each additional Match.

13. An omnibus Players List will be distributed to all registered players.

14. A Round Robin Spread Sheet will be distributed to all registered Players.

15. Players will be required to contact their opponent & schedule

a time to Play the Match. Please be mindful of time
differential when scheduling a Match. 17:00 in Australia is
not 17:00 in NZ.

16. Both Players will be disqualified if they are unable to finish
the Match within the time frame. No excuses, no exceptions.
17. Players to report the results of the Match to the TDs. AJM &


18. TDs will update the Round Robin Spread Sheet and it will be

available on Google Cloud to all registered Players.
19. The 16 winners of the Round Robin will advance to the

Knockout Round.

20. The Player who has won the most Games in the Round Robin

will advance.

If there is a tie the Player who has beaten the other Player in
the Round Robin will be declared the winner and advance.
21. TDs will use a raffle to determine the Players in the

Knockout Round.

22. Round One of the Knockout Round will be set up to match

an Aussie with a Kiwi.


South Australia “Angie Hambour” Tournament

July 5th Hotel Metropolitan, Grote Street, Adelaide.  More info to follow


2020 Australian Backgammon Championship

November 6-8 Surfers Paradise 2020_Australian_Open
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South Australia Spring Tournament

November 22nd

Hotel Metropolitan, Grote Street, Adelaide. More info to follow


Upcoming International Tournament Dates:

XXIII Austrian Backgammon Open and Austrian Doubles Championship 33rd Italian Backgammon Championship

7th-11th October 2020

(added prize one free entry (500 € worth) for the 8th Merit Open) – Casino Seefeld | Seefeld – Austria

director: Marco Fornasir

info: Marco Fornasir –


hotel booking: Marco Fornasir –


8th Merit Open International Backgammon Championship

2nd – 8th November 2020

(added prize money 30.000 €)- Merit Park Hotel & Casino | Girne – North Cyprus KKTC

Directors: Marco Fornasir  | Arda Findikoglu

info: Marco Fornasir – | Arda Findikoglu –


hotel booking: