Notice of AGM and Board nominations

The Australian Backgammon Federation (ABF) is calling for nominations to the Board. The positions are:
1) President
2) Vice-president
3) Treasurer/Public Officer
4) Secretary
5) Board members (3-4 persons)

The nomination should read:
I, (insert name), nominate (nominee’s name) for the position of ……..
I, (insert name), consent to the above nomination.

All persons nominating someone for office must be financial members of the ABF. The person nominated must also be a financial member of the ABF and must give written consent to the nomination. Nominations must be in writing, either by post to: Secretary, 55 Harold St Matraville 2036 NSW or via email:

If you are interested in being nominated for the Board but are unsure of who may be a member of the ABF please contact a member of the Board to request nomination.

Nominations close 25th October 2017. Should there be more than one nomination for any position the result will be by show of hands at the AGM (see below)

ABF AGM agenda
9 a.m 11th November 2017
Persian Rose Restaurant, Turramurra

1) Welcome
2) President’s report
3) Treasurer’s report
4) Secretary’s report
5) Any other business
6) Result of elections (vote if required)