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News Archive

Grant’s Puzzles #200 Answer

June 11, 2021|

How should White play 43 here?
See the answer.

Courtesy of Grant Hoffman

Happy Campers

June 10, 2021|

An unusually large SydBG club jackpot of $649 went off to a very happy Hammon Mans who also collected first prize of $90. Club champion David Reitzin is always supportive of our next generation of top players. I trust that is a V for victory sign Hammon is giving us!

Did You Know?

June 10, 2021|

The term ‘backgammon’, or more literally ‘back game’, is said to originate from the Middle English words ‘back’ and ‘gamen’, in reference to the counters that go back to the ‘bar’.

Grant’s Puzzles #200

June 9, 2021|

How should White play 43 here? The answer in a couple of days.

Courtesy of Grant Hoffman

Giants of Backgammon

June 8, 2021|

Who are the top players in the world? Read about it here. Something to aspire to!

Who is Mochi?

June 7, 2021|

Watch this interesting interview with World #1 Masayuki Mochizuki, known as Mochi (pron: moh-chee).

Grant’s Puzzles #199 Answer

June 5, 2021|

How should White play 54 here?
See the answer.

Grant's Puzzles #199

Courtesy of Grant Hoffman

Grant’s Puzzles #199

June 2, 2021|

How should White play 54 here? The answer in a couple of days.

Grant's Puzzles #199

Courtesy of Grant Hoffman

2021 NZ Championship Winners

May 31, 2021|

Paul Kellett (NZ) 1st Place
Chris Taylor (NZ) 2nd Place
Grant Hoffman (NZ) 3rd Place
Reza Nemati (NZ) Silver Plate Champion

Congratulations to all!

Breck on Deck

May 30, 2021|

Please join us in welcoming new Secretary Breck McCormack to the AusBGF committee. Breck was born in the United States and first learned backgammon from his grandfather. He lived in London for 3 years and spent 15 years in Hong Kong where he was the Managing Director of the sports marketing firm IMG. He now lives in Sydney (plays with SydBG) and is very happy to call Australia home. Welcome aboard, Breck!

Breck McCormack

Hutson def Kazaross

May 29, 2021|

Well done Malcolm Hutson, who defeated Giant Neil Kazaross 13-12 in Warp Gammon’s Esprit Teams consolation round. Mel also won her match yesterday with Neil 13-7. Team eVICtioners are hot!

Grant’s Puzzles #198 Answer

May 28, 2021|

How should White play 21 here?
See the answer.

Courtesy of Grant Hoffman

Watch Live

May 26, 2021|

Watch Mel (try to) play Giant Neil Kazaross this Friday 9am at Safe Harbor Games, Doubling Cube room, in Warp’s Esprit Teams consolation round. (chaffey vs NeilKaz)

Grant’s Puzzles #198

May 26, 2021|

How should White play 21 here? The answer in a few days.

Courtesy of Grant Hoffman

The Cube is Your Weapon!

May 25, 2021|

Great video for intermediates to experts that really drives it home… BE AGGRESSIVE!

April SBOT Winner

May 23, 2021|

The April Sydney Backgammoners Online Tournament was won by Hammon Mans over Saeed Nourmohammadi. Bill Marczak came third. Entry to the June tournament is now open.

WBGF Membership

May 19, 2021|

AusBGF is excited to announce that we have joined the World Backgammon Federation (WBGF). Not only are we supporting this dynamic group, they will be supporting us in growing backgammon within Australia, particularly in regard to bringing young people into the game. Exciting times ahead! Check out the WBGF announcement on their Facebook page.

Sydney-Bucharest Result

May 19, 2021|

The Sydney team prevailed over Bucharest 15-13. The internet, with a little help from Covid, has added an international dimension to such challenges. Congratulations Sydney Backgammoners!

Sydney-Bucharest Update

May 12, 2021|

As they enter their final round, Sydney leads Bucharest 12-11. Either club could win in this nail-biting finish.

Who is John Symon?

May 8, 2021|

AusBGF Treasurer and Public Officer John Symon contemplates ZenGammon last week. Hard work.

Who is David Reitzin?

May 7, 2021|

For those who wondered what one of Australia’s top players David Reitzin looks like, here he is playing with Mahnaz Rostami at Sydney Backgammoners.


Sydney-Bucharest Update

May 5, 2021|

Round two of the Sydney-Bucharest challenge has finished and Sydney leads 11-5.

2021 NZ Championship

May 2, 2021|

May 29/30 at Auckland Bridge Club. See Tournaments for more information.

VicBG makes Semis

April 30, 2021|

VicBG’s eVICtioners has made it through to the semi-finals of Warp Gammon’s annual teams event. Definitely the underdogs, we are next up against a team of US Champions, including several Giants (Steve Sax, Joe Russell, Alan Grunwald). Whatever the outcome, it’s an honour to play these champs. Pray for us! – Mel

SydBG Record Turnout

April 29, 2021|

Sydney Backgammoners had a record turnout of 26 at their weekly club meeting. Hammon Mans and Andre Marootians arm wrestle any disputes.

Sydney-Bucharest Underway

April 20, 2021|

Eight players representing each club will play four rounds of non-elimination Swiss. You can follow the tournament progress at Sydney Backgammoners.

VicBG Warp Esprit Team

April 14, 2021|

VicBG has entered team “eVICtioners” in Warp Gammon’s annual Esprit team event. With 12 international teams competing, after Stage 1 eVICtioners are in second place. Bring on Stage 2! Latest results

Sydney vs Bucharest

April 12, 2021|

Flush from their success as winners of the Australian Inter-Club Challenge, Sydney Backgammoners are going international with a challenge to the Bucharest Backgammon Club  – play begins 20 April. Where next? Is there a club on Mars? …Gary S. See the flyer.

2021 Interclub Challenge Results

April 10, 2021|

After six rounds of ups and downs, Sydney Backgammoners came out on top with 2139 points. Second place goes to NewyBG with 1897 points, and third place to MelbBG with 1770 points.

Feb SBOT Winner

April 10, 2021|

Congratulations Amir Golegolab, winner of the February Sydney Backgammoners Online Tournament (SBOT). Second place goes to John McAleenan and third place Steve Clarry.

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